Short Essay on the story “Eveline” by James Joyce

✓What social messagedoes the story portray? Is it still relevant today(how/how not)?*✓What role does history and culture play in this story? ***To answerthe relevancy question, you’ll need to incorporate 1 current or recent event. Don’t forget MLA citation.** To answer this question, you’ll need to conductadditionaloutside research which requires MLA citation.In your essay you must:1.Address eachof the questions in the prompt and include support for your answers through 1–2 direct quotes from the story foreachquestion and,2.Conductresearchoutside of the story on 1 current issue/eventthat will help you to answer the first questionin the prompt, and historical/cultural research for the second question. You will incorporate the researchedinformation throughdirect quotes, paraphrase orsummary from the outside sourcesfor each questionin your paper.3.Use MLA internal citation and a Works Cited page!!Length: 2 complete pagesin Word, rich textor PDFformat only,double–spaced (note: the expectation is that you will reach the full two–page requirement; but do not exceed by more than 1 additional page)