Short Response Paper on Paul Gilroy’s The Black Atlantic

Write a paper of about 1 to 2 pages (double-spaced) that responds to the following prompt. 
On page 19 of The Black Atlantic: Modernity and Double Consciousness, Paul Gilroy introduces his analysis of the life, ideas, and writings of Martin Delany.  In so doing, he articulates what this analysis aims to show:   Marked by its European origins, Gilroy writes,
Modern black political culture has always been more interested in the relationship of identity to roots and rootedness than in seeing identity as a process of movement and mediation that is more appropriately approached via the homonym routes.  Focusing on a figure like Delany demands careful attention to the interplay between these two dimensions of racial ontology.
In your paper, you should try to explain as clearly as possible how Gilroys discussion of Delany highlights these two dimensions.  You might consider the following questions:  According to the argument Gilroy develops over the course of the chapter, what are these two dimensions of racial ontology?  That is, what is the difference between seeing identity in terms of roots and seeing identity in terms of movement?  In terms of the latter, what kind of movement does Gilroy have in mind? In his discussion of Delanys work, what are one or two aspects of Delanys ideas that correspond to identity as rootedness and what are one or two aspects that correspond to identity in terms of routes?  You may conclude by writing briefly about which of these two dimensions Gilroy finds most compelling and why.
Overall, do your best to be as clear as possible in your explanations of Gilroys analysis of Delany and this analysiss relationship to Gilroys overall argument.