Slide 7: acknowledge any limitations. suggest directions for

Account and password attached. Need a ppt draft in about 9 hours.
plan for about one slide per minute.
Include: a title slide, a slide on the literature, a slide on your regression model, and three slides for tables of variable descriptions, summary statistics and regression results. That’s it in a nutshell. Info from Page 8 of the syllabus on guidance for presentations is pasted below:
This page contains more detailed guidelines for how to plan your presentation. We have a maximum of 10 minutes per speaker. After this amount of time passes, we absolutely have to move on to the next speaker. We want to allow a minute or two of discussion after each one. So, plan for a seven minute presentation. Please practice your presentations to make sure you don’t exceed seven minutes by more than a minute at most.
I’ve found a good rule of thumb is to plan one slide for each minute of presentation, certainly not more. So say you shoot for seven slides: 1.) Title page, 2.) Literature Review, 3.) the regression model / empirical approach 4.) Table of Variable Descriptions 5.) Table of Summary Statistics 6.) Table of Regression Results 7.) Plan for future research.
Avoid distracting colors and themes, don’t put too much text on a slide, don’t make the numbers you want people to see in your tables tiny, don’t read off your slides (the audience can read them). Do aim to teach the audience something about the econometric methods and data used in the literature you have reviewed, and explain your research findings clearly. In terms of what concepts you present, see the following rubric:
Description of Criteria for Presentations
Title slide
Slide 1: Reveal the research question to the audience clearly and at the outset. Motivate interest.
Literature Review and Economic Theory
Slide 2: In this part, briefly discuss the relevant theory. A brief but clear qualitative description of the theory is adequate. On this slide, list up to three references, and discuss in some detail the one that provides the single best discussion of the estimation of the causal effect of interest. Explain why (i.e. discuss ways the state-of-the art study handles a well-defined econometric problem such as Omitted Variable Bias.) The literature review must be integrated and not merely an annotated bibliography.
Data and Methods
Slides 3, 4 and 5: Present the equation you will be estimating here. Describe the data; even though I am grading it and I know where the data comes from, write it for a more general audience. Describe the estimation subsample, and present the tables of Variable Descriptions and Summary Statistics.
Slide 6: Present regression results in a table with several models in different columns. Indicate which of the models is your best attempt at replicating the previously published model, or indicate which is the best attempt to estimate a causal effect Interpret the results for the audience in terms of the sign, magnitude, economic and statistical significance, as well as the implications for the theory discussed on slide 2.
Slide 7: Acknowledge any limitations. Suggest directions for improvement in future research. Discuss policy implications and how your results can be used in a cost-benefit analysis, if applicable.