social challenges and businesses

Module 5 has addressed the rise of populism and other forces that are contesting globalisation and unsettling the current world order. You have explored the positive impact of globalisation in Unit 2, and then discussed the growing resistance to globalisation that has manifested itself in populist politics in the West in Unit 3.
This assignment requires you to reflect on the impact of populism in the 21st century on the business community, by reflecting on the content in this module. To aid your written response, explore the following three resources that analyse the impact of populism on the business community.
Resource 1: A political and economic analysis on populism in the US. Henry Olsen explains the rise of populism in America, he details different factors that lead to the rise and some of the political implications of populism. Access the resource:
Resource 2: An article by Nick Cohen analysing the relationship between the coronavirus (COVID-19) and populism. Cohens article also draws parallels to the 2008 financial crisis to highlight some key distinctions between 2008 and 2020.  Access the resource:
Resource 3: An article about the response to populism by business. The article discusses some of the dangers business faces with populism on the rise. It also lists what Enrique de Diego (a consultant at Bain & Co) considers to be the EUs four freedoms and how they may be at risk.Access the resource:
Consider the arguments presented in the three resources and the content that you have covered in this module, and answer the following question:
1.    What are two of the biggest challenges facing the global business community that have been triggered by the rise of populism?
When writing your essay, you are required to make reference to the course material and the additional resources provided in this assignment. Your submission, excluding in-text citations and list of references, may not exceed 600 words.