Social Construction in American Society

Social construction is the process of establishing a view of people, places, or some entity or concept based on the messages and experiences one receives over time, Dr. O’Neal writes on page 41. This forum explores how society embraces stereotypes and myths that tend to categorize people within parameters that limit them and are negative. Social construction invades social work processes and frames how the profession responds to needs. Check out my lecture in Module 1, which provides you with a framework of how Black people have had to experience America, which includes how we help seek, procure resources, opportunities, interventions that are meaningful.

Select a group as an example base (e.g. race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation), and explain the historical factors that have shaped the basis for discrimination against this group today, as discussed in the 1619 Project and Dr. O’Neal’s dialectic for critical thinking. (I want to see your answers reflective of the readings).