social psychology

The purpose of the first writing assignment is to use the concepts that we have learned about so far to analyze a social situation that you have experienced recently. Write an analytical report explaining the ways that you think concepts or theories you have learned about so far from social psychology can be used to understand and analyze a specific social situation. Please note that you should NOT write about a current event or broader social issue, but rather write about a social situation that you have personally experienced recently.
1. Clearly (but briefly) describe the specific social situation that you are going to analyze, giving enough background information so that I understand what is being analyzed.
2. Use both theory and research findings that you have learned about in the course thus far to analyze your social situation. Make sure to clearly describe your analysis/argument. You must give clear examples about the situation to back up your argument, and you must clearly explain how social psychological theory and research findings help to explain, understand, and analyze the situation.