Social Theory Essay

Prompt: Pick two of the social theories. For each social theory, show how the theory specifically helps us understand an example from any of the first 4 lectures or associated readings. (You should use a different example for each social theory.) In your response, be sure to explain the key components of each theory and identify its author. Note: in this class, we consider the biosocial to be a framework, and not a theory itself.
In choosing examples and applying theories, try to be as specific and thorough as possible. Your demonstration should not simply assert that phenomenon A is an example of theory X. Rather, it should engage with components of the theory and details of the phenomenon to help us understand and account for the latter through a biosocial framework. 
If you do not have the space to engage with your example in detail, this may be an indication that you need to choose a more specific example.
Due Date: The paper is due on TUESDAY, 9/21 at 12 PM EST.
Requirements: Please read the prompt carefully and respond fully. Limit your response to 750 words and write double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font.
Submission: Your paper must be uploaded to the canvas site. Submit your paper as a word document, so your TF may make comments.
Citations: All references must be cited appropriately in all written work. In each paper for this class, you must include a bibliography and one of two citation formats must be used:

American Anthropologist/American Ethnologist (AA/AE):
American Psychological Association (APA): to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

This is the first short writing assignment of the semester. Each assignment will be designed to help you clarify, interrelate, and think critically with assigned readings. We expect you to incorporate material from readings and lecture into your papers and abide by university policy in writing with sources. Please refer to the syllabus for detailed information regarding grading and academic integrity.