Social theory on drugs There are many reasons why people use drugs

Social theory on drugs
There are many reasons why people use drugs in their everyday life. Whether it be for recreational use, prescribed, or bought off the street because people believe they need them to feel better. These drugs are often abused and not used for their intended purposes. After studying many theories that help explain these reasons, two stand out the most to me. One being the best and the other the worst of reasons why people take part in drug use. Although I agree with a few different theories the one I believe to be the most accurate is the Social Control/Bonding Theory. This is a more sociological perspective on drug abuse. This theory explains that the connection you have with people is what keeps you from making the mistake of committing crimes.This theory states that psychological disorders play a big part in drug use and abuse. Some of these consist of anxiety, depression, and personality disorder. (Levinthal, 2016) While this may be true in some cases I don’t believe is the main cause of drug abuse. Self-medication plays a big role in this theory. It is believed that drug abuse is to make people feel some sort of immediate pleasure when they are depressed or feeling down. Also that drugs make people feel better about themselves and the things in their life they cannot change such as stress, or their constant feeling of sadness. I believe this is the worst because it has been proved that drug abuse is connected to making depression and anxiety worse. If you are depressed or anxious and you take drugs, the feeling is temporary and then one would usually go right back to feeling empty and the way they did before. There are better ways of “self-medicating” that are shown to decrease stress and anxiety such as building better friendships, playing sports, or having hobbies. These psychological problems are not a logical excuse for drug abuse to me. Although I do not completely disagree with this theory knowing that a huge issue with drug use and abuse is the working of cells when you start to use drugs. The cells in your brain change ways they connect when you begin to use stimulants and make you feel completely different than when you are not using them.