Social Work Field Internship

Find the following textbook online
“Field Instruction: A Guide for Social Work Students, Seventh Edition” (ISBN: 978-1-4786-3529-1)

Then using chapters 7 in the context of working with children and teens who have been abused, answer the following to prompts SEPARATELY. 

Chapter 7 discusses suggestions for intervening with suicidal clients.

Discuss three concerns you envision a client who is a serious threat of harm to themselves poses for a worker.
With regard to the suggestions listed in the text, identify the two that most resonate with you and give a rational for how using each of these suggestions would be an effective approach with a suicidal client.
Identify two suggestions that least resonate with you and explain your reason for selecting them.
Discuss two things you will do as a beginning practitioner to gain “professional” competency in dealing with suicidal clients. Be specific.