One of the goals of this course is to get you to think like a sociologist. Sociologists master the 4 sociological paradigms: symbolic interaction, functionalist, conflict, and cultural materialism. 
This week each student will create a blog post. The assignment challenges you to apply the theoretical paradigms as you identify examples of stereotypes in the media about cooking, food, eating, dieting, etc
Locate 2-3 examples to analyze media stereotypes using one of the paradigms listed above. 
Refer to the directions below to complete your Media Stereotype blog post  
1. Media selection

Peruse media such as news outlets, magazines, commercials, or social media sites for examples of stereotypes.

Steer away from personal examples that you may find on social media platforms. This assignment challenges you to identify examples of “mass media” using stereotypes.

Identify  2-3 examples 

2. Write a blog post 

Share a link, image or “screen grab” for the reader to reference 
Briefly analyze each sample using one of the 4 paradigms ( symbolic interaction, functionalist, conflict, and cultural materialism)

2-3 paragraphs length 
clearly identify the paradigm 
When possible, include a link and/or include citations for references you use 

The paradigms can be hard to get. Read and pay attention to the feedback I give to all blog posts in this assignment. Apply this feedback in future assignments.