(1) READ: First, make sure you have carefully read and taken notes on Chapter 17, Social Change.
(2) CHOOSE WEBSITE: Next, you must choose a website to create your digital scrapbook. In the past, students have used Padlet, Canva, Weebly, YouTube, Powtoon, Jamboard, Lino, Wix, PicMonkey, and You are welcome to use any site, but please make sure it’s free, and that you can upload the visual or link to Canvas without issue.  Not allowed: sites that require us to sign-up or pay to view, PowerPoint, Prezi. or GoogleDocs that are password protected or access limited. Students submitting PowerPoints, Prezis, GoogleDocs, or sites that we cannot access freely and/or without sign-up will receive an automatic fail. If you are not sure a site is okay, please email Professor Castillo. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure we can see and access their project without issue.
(3) FIND ITEMS: Third, you are required to include 7 digital scrapbook items. Examples of scrapbook items include: news articles, fact sheets, photos, memes, images, infographics, drawings (your own or someone else’s), quotes, songs, videos (must include closed-captioning), or anything online that is appropriate and that interests you. You must have ONE scrapbook item per each of the following categories:

A contemporary example of social change happening anywhere in the world right now.
Collective Behavior (you may focus on any major topic here – pages 528-530)
Structural-Functional Perspective: Modernity as a Mass Society
Social-Conflict Perspective: Modernity as Class Society
Symbolic Interactionist Perspective: Modernity and the Individual
Modernization and Our Global Future

EXAMPLES: Please use a variety of media. For example, for a contemporary example, you might post a news article on a social change happening in the world right now. For Forms of Collective Behavior, you might post photos of a current fad and what it represents. For Structural-Functionalist Perspective, maybe a meme or drawing that represents the perspective.  For Social-Conflict Perspective, maybe a relevant quote or infographic from a revolutionary historical figure. For Symbolic Interactionist Perspective, possibly a fact sheet related to self-perception. For Postmodernity, maybe a drawing or cartoon related to this topic. For Modernization and future, maybe a short YouTube video or current song describing something from this section. Different media makes for a more interesting scrapbook. Please use a variety of media. THESE ARE JUST IDEAS!
I recommend you do this assignment a little at a time. As you work, keep your items saved in a safe space, like a Word document. Once you have found your seven items, you can drag them to your digital scrapbook. As you collect items, make sure you save the source, as you are required to share the web source (weblink) of each item posted.
Be sure your sources and information are true and accurate.
CAPTIONS REQUIRED: Under each scrapbook item, you must write a brief caption (no more than 4 sentences) about WHY you chose the item, and HOW it connects to the chapter. You must cite page numbers linking that item to the chapter. Please also include the source (weblink) of your item. 
(4) DUE: Upload your scrapbook to Canvas in the DISCUSSION module marked FINAL PROJECTS any time on or before Monday, December 13, 2021.  Late projects will receive an automatic F. 
(5) COMMENTS: Read and make meaningful comments on any 3 classmates’ projects. Three meaningful comments must be made by Tuesday, December 14 2021 and the earlier the better. See the course syllabus for rubric on Discussion timeliness and meaningful comments. Please reply to any and all classmates who comment on your project.
The final project is worth 120 points. Take it seriously and start working early.  The project must include the following criteria, but how it’s displayed is open to you and your creativity. I intentionally do not provide an example of a past project as it is up to you to create something brand new and original.You will be graded as follows: