Sociology of the family | Sociology Papers

Choose two of the following questions to discuss. Make certain to support your opinion using concepts and vocabulary from the textbook and weekly course concept lessons. You will need to post at least 2 full well-written paragraphs. 

Discuss your views on arranged marriage and choice marriage. Discuss the costs and benefits of each. Finally, to what extent are marriages informally arranged?
Discuss your views on using the Internet to find a mate. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Additionally, how has technology affected the composition of the family? Has the family changed because of technology? Explain? 
Discuss the functions of the family. How are these functions connected to our culture? Culturally, discuss traditional roles of men and women in families? Are these roles changing? How? If one is “married without children,” do functions still apply? Finally, what are the implications of child-free and childless?
Discuss the conflict perspective of family. Do men have more power than women? Culturally, why do women take-on the last name of men? Does this behavior deny women of their individuality? What does an egalitarian family look like?

Discussion Guidelines
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