Solnit, “Grandmother Spider”

PERSONAL INSTRUCTIONS: I am attaching my frist draft and the chapter 5 of the book we are talking about. I need you to imrpove my essay by adding more details and being more specific by focusing on one of the stories that Solnit says. Please have 3 paragraphs. 

Your 2nd draft is required to be an analytic essay with 2 or more paragraphs. The essay must address one particular story in Solnit and also one general story about womens past, womens future, or both that you believe Solnit is trying to tell. And the essay must consider how the particular story is related to the general story: does it fit perfectly (as an example of the general story), and if so, does this make it different from some other particular stories told in the piece? Or, do the two stories partly fit, but not completely – and what makes you say so? Or, do they fit, but in a way that is not immediately obvious, and that you can explain? Or do they not seem to fit at all, and if not, why not?
You are required to structure your paragraphs as top-down paragraphs (typical of analytical writing). Start each paragraph with a topic sentence – a point or a clear, specific question that will be answered in a concluding point – and ensure that all the paragraph’s sentences support this point. Each paragraph should advance one point. When you move on to address another topic and make a new point, it’s time to start a new paragraph.

You are required to state your full thesis in one sentence – either as the point of your first paragraph, or else as the point of your last paragraph. (If you state the thesis in full at the beginning, do not restate it at the end, unless the restatement will gain new meaning from information you have presented throughout your essay.)
You are required to explicitly cite sources for all factual information that you present to support your arguments. If you are making a claim about what Solnit writes and how she writes it, cite “Grandmother Spider” by page number. For all other factual claims that you make, cite print or online sources. For guidance on what is an acceptable source citation (in this case using MLA style), see the examples provided by the Modern Language Association at:
You may submit up to 2 pages of writing (not just 1 page as originally indicated). You will not be required or expected to submit more than 1 page to earn a passing grade, but you may find that 1 page is not enough for your 2nd draft. However, note also that you can reduce the length of your 2nd draft by deleting any sentences and phrases that contain only large generalizations about history or society unsupported by specific, concrete facts.