Solutions n changes

Here are some options for you to choose from – to listen to, watch, or read  -and summarize the most salient points to share with others in the class.  It would be great if you also search for your own resources outline solution 

Business Example – How to save $, Sell more, and reduce emissions (Ray Anderson, Interface Carpet) (Links to an external site.)
EU Green Deal is in force (Links to an external site.) They have surpassed their 2030 goal of 40% 2090 levels – now shooting for 68% of 9090 by 2030.
The Truth Behind the Climate Pledges (Links to an external site.) – 56 countries appear to be on track!
350 ppm Pathways for the US to reach Carbon Neutral by 2050 (Links to an external site.)
350 Pathways for Florida to reach C-neutral by 2050 (Links to an external site.). 
President Biden on the issue of climate change (18 minutes) 
Compose your response in a Word document. You’ll submit in two ways – see submission instructions below for details.
Provide a summary of three solution you find most useful from one or all of these these sites, or from sites you find on your own.
Make sure each solution has a title and a paragraph written in your own words. First person may be easiest, e.g.: “I found an article in ________.  The ideas that I found to be most interesting were ________”  Then provide a title and paragraph explaining each idea separately.
An extended essay comparing and contrasting a range of potential solutions in 1500 or more words. For this option, make sure to divide your thoughts into at least 8 paragraphs.


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Post your reflections on what you learned AND what you would like to know more about 
Finally, respond to others: Take an substantive effort at correcting or concurring and expanding on the information they learned or answering the question(s) they want to know more about – this will start the conversation for the class!

Event Locator

Climate Change Conferences on Event Brite (Links to an external site.)
Finance and Climate Events on Event Brite (Links to an external site.)
BBC (British Broadcasting Company) Programs and Media (Links to an external site.)