Spheres of Kinesology / Importance of Kinesiology Discussion

For these discussion questions you can be as creative and make up stories or situations since many of these are asking about personal expreinces.

Answer each question with a well-developed paragraph – minimum 5 sentences (maximum two paragraphs per questions). So each responce should be bout 200 words.

Spheres Discussion

Do you think there should be physical education/Kinesiology activity course requirements for all Associate and Bachelor degree programs in the United States?  For example fitness, sports, or recreational courses.  Explain.
Describe your favorite leisure vs physical activities.  Possible questions to answer: Can some activities fall into both categories?  What qualifies an activity to be labeled in either category?
Describe a time in your sports career or you’ve witnessed on TV or in person when a head coach did not conduct themselves as a responsible leader of a sports organization.  How did competition get the best of them?  Anything specifically you learned from this event that you would teach young/developing coaching?

Importance Discussion 

Who were your greatest influences on physical activity choices growing up (parents, friends, coaches, teachers, school system)?  What would you want for your children as their greatest influence?  You could also discuss your opinion on who should be the biggest influence on a child’s activity choices.
Provide an example from your sports career or an event you witnessed on TV or in person you have seen related to negative sport spectatorship.  This could be a fan, parent, friend, administrator, etc.  Could it have been prevented?  How?  Could also discuss learning points from this event.
Pretend you are giving a speech to elementary school students (1st – 5th grade) about wisdom you have gathered in your life.  Provide 3 specific tips why they should build habits of physical activity at their age (while they’re young)?

Thnak you for the work in advance. These are so simple to answer but I just dont have time to complete the assignemnts on my own..