Sports and Society

For this assignment, yo will analyze a film of your choice. The film you choose should focus on sports and should also depict American society. Watch the film through a sociological lens and take detailed notes with the following questions in mind:How does Sociology help you understand the film? What conclusions does this film help you draw about the relationship between sports and American society?Once you have viewed the film and compiled your notes, you will need to write an essay on your findings. Craft a full and detailed description of how sports and society intersect in the film you selected. You may use your course text and should draw upon a variety of language and ideas discussed in this course to support your argument.Note: If you are having trouble selecting a film, please reach out and ask your instructor for assistance.Format Instructions:Write at least 750-1000 words in 12-point font using Times New Romans or Arial typeface.Note: the word count can be found along the bottom frame within your Microsoft Word document.Place the following information in the Upper Left Corner on the first page, each on a separate line:Your first and last nameSO 103DateDouble space and center the title of your paper. A good rule of thumb is 1 to 5 words that indicate the topic of your paper.Double space your entire paper and do not add additional spaces between paragraphs.Use 1-inch margins on the left and right and 1 inch margins at the top and bottom.Add a reference section on the last page of your paper for your citations. If possible, please include: author, date, and URL.