Statistical Analysis

I didnt choose a statistic topic so you can choose any you want. 
Find a statistical analysis article dealing with your chosen topic.
Consider the following items and respond in essay form, in paragraph form, in complete sentences:
Why did you select this topic?
Identify the goal of the study.
Identify the population.
Identify the type of study.
Explain who conducted the study.
Explain who funded the study.
Explain what is a biased sample.
Discuss the sample in the study. 
Explain whether or not there is bias in the sample created for the study.
Create a sample for the study if a sample was not used.
Define the variable(s) in the study.
Explain how the variable(s) are measured.
Explain the graphs in the article.
If the article does not have graphs, create at least one for it.
What are the confounding variables present in the study.
Explain why the results are presented fairly/unfairly.
Explain the studys conclusion.
Explain why the conclusion make sense/does not make sense to you.
Explain why the results have practical significance.
What did you know about the variable(s) investigated in the study before you read the article?
What surprised you the most?
What surprised you the least? Try your best to answer all the questions. thank you