entitled “National Surveillance of Asthma: United States, 2001–2010.” You will refer to this PDF for the exams throughout the course. The course exams are to be completed as a five-unit process. Here is brief overview of the remaining exams for this course:

Unit 4 Exam: The fourth assignment is to construct and present your findings in your own graph with details about what your findings mean.
Unit 5 Exam: The last assignment is to critique the article as a whole.

Each of the exams will consist of a stand-alone paper, to be submitted as a Word document, at the end of each unit.Unit 4 Exam:This assignment is intended to help with the understanding of how to create a graph to illustrate data and one’s findings. Open the PDF file “National Surveillance of Asthma: United States, 2001–2010” and view Table 1, Page 30: Percentage with current asthma, by year and selected characteristics: United States, 2001–2010. 

You will be using the data of sex, race, age, and region. Use the last three years of data from 2008, 2009, and 2010. This graph will be percentages only, not raw numbers. Once you have created the graph, making sure you have a title for the graph, you will write about your findings and what they mean. You can make a bar chart, line graph, or pie chart. 

Refer back to the original PDF file and review how the author presented the information from the tables. In your written analysis, you will be doing similar work. This part of the paper is in essay format, with your graph inserted in the text. You do need to insert the table from the PDF article. 

The written analysis should be between 400-500 words long.