Step 1: In this week’s lecture, we covered the different things setting

Step 1: In this week’s lecture, we covered the different things setting can “be” in a story: world, camera, mood or symbol, and/or action. Pick one of these and discuss how “Saint Marie” uses setting in this way.
Step 2: Pick two classmates’ responses and offer one more example from the story that further support their analysis of “Saint Marie” as world, camera, mood/symbol, or action. Be as specific as possible.
Classmate Reponses:
In “Saint Marie,” one setting is the world of religion.  Marie wants to be a nun, feels she deserves it, and her days and nights are seemingly overrun with thoughts of praying, sinning, Heaven, Hell, God and Satan.  So much so, that she is consumed by it.  The story revolves around the battles between light and darkness, good and evil.  In the end, the Hell she is trying to run away from, finds her double fold, within the walls of the convent, as well as the Satan she sought to purge.
There is a part in the story of “Saint Marie” in which camera was described pretty well. In a part where a door was opened with a lot of food, camera was used as if it was paneling over all the different foods in there. It makes the reader imagine all the different kinds of foods there, and then when it got to the cheese, it got close up to it and ignoring everything else around it. It certainly made us feel that they really wanted to get a piece of it instead of anything else in there.