Strategic Human Resources in Healthcare

Diversity of the healthcare workforce, healthcare globalization, use of technology, focus on teamwork in patient care, integrated delivery systems (IDS), pay for performance model, and use of social media as a communication tool are all current trends in healthcare that will affect healthcare human resource management (HRM). Discuss in detail (based on current research) the impact of 1 of the above noted trends on the healthcare industry and the current initiatives or strategies formulated to confront the trend of your choosing.

Address critical issuesrelated to the role of the healthcare administrator through the analysis,synthesis, and evaluation of various topics. 

– Complete this Discussions by posting one thread of at least 600words 
– Each thread, the student must support his/herassertions with at least 3 scholarly citation(s) in APA format. Any sources citedmust have been published within the last five years. 
– In addition, the studentmust integrate a minimum of 2 citations of scriptural support as well as thecourse textbook in each post/reply.

Textbook: McConnell, C.R. (2021). Humanresources management in Healthcare Management: Jones & Bartlett.