Substance abuse over the years

Research Paper (150 points):  
Each student is required to submit a research paper based on a contributing person or topic in the history of psychology. The paper is not to be global in nature but, rather, it is to be focusedon the particular topic chosen.  The topic of your research paper must be approved. This topic must be emailed to me no later than 10/14/21.  Select one of the following: 
1. A Contributing Person in the Field of Psychology.  Why you believe this person is a major figure in the history of psychology with a focus on his/her major contributions. Only persons who have made contributions to the field of psychology prior to the year 2000 can be chosen.
2. An Issue or Controversy in the Field of Psychology.  You can choose an ongoing issue (e.g., Substance Abuse Treatment;Psychological Diagnoses/Treatment of Children) or an issue of historical context (e.g., Role of Women in Psychology; Treatment of Mental Illness).  
    In addition to a title page and a reference page (with at least fourscholarly references), this paper      
    is to include a minimum of five (5) full double-spaced typewritten pages of content in APA format in 
    addition to a title page and a reference page.   (Publication Manual of the American Psychological 
    Association, Seventh Edition, 2019).  No abstract is required.  Points will be deducted for any  
    deviation from APA guidelines, including writing style (e.g., grammar, spelling, sentence structure, 
    etc.).  An abstract is not required. The rubric for this assignment can be found on page 8 of this 
    The finished paper is due no later than 11/30/21. Paperssubmitted past this date may result in a 
five (5) point reduction in grade for each day late. All papers must be submitted through the Blackboard drop-in folder created for this assignment.  No other submissions, e.g., via email, will be accepted.