Suggestibility in Children

Santrock mentions two different studies that found relations between characteristics of children and their likelihood of succumbing to suggestive questions. Those found to have increased susceptibility to being suggestible were preschoolers, as compared with older children and adults (Ceci, Papierno, & Kulkofsky, 2007); and children with low self-concept, low support from parents, and a mother’s insecure attachment in romantic relationships (Bruck & Melnyk, 2004). In Paper Assignment #2, you will read the provided sources and answer the following questions: 
• Think about the research findings in the provided sources and find three additional peer-reviewed sources that discuss factors that influence susceptibility in children
o Using information in your textbook and sources, why do you think that these constructs/factors would relate to increased susceptibility to suggestive questions in children? 
o Would you expect the cognitive or noncognitive factors to play a bigger role? Why? 
o Were you surprised by any (perhaps the mother’s attachment classification)? Can you explain these findings?