Tales of the Middle Ages

There are many collections of stories from the Middle Ages.  Some of the most important ones the following:  

Boccaccio’s Decameron,  was written in Italian originally . The Prologue describes the year of the plague in Florence. The prologue introduces the reason for the story telling, 10 young people telling stories over 10 days, for a total al of 100 stories. You will find a copy of the Prologue and of several of Boaccaccio’s wonderful stories under Course Materials/
One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, was written in Arabic and collection contains many of the stories you are familiar with like the Aladdin story, but many more. The frame of the stories has to do with infidelity and murder.
Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales was written in English, Middle English to be exact, where the vowels in English were pronounced like  Latin or Spanish vowels A E I O U.   The folk are going on a pilgrimage and they plan to tell each of 30 two stories on the way to, and two stories on the way back Chaucer planned /promised 124 stories, but he ended up way short with perhaps 23 tales completed. But these tales have narrators that we know well, that argue, fight, and tell stories that make others look bad. 

Read stories from all three and then write posts about one or two of your favorites. 

Which is your favorite tale of the Middle Ages? Why?
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