Technology Inventory

A. Make a list of the technologies found in your living space.
For example, a house might contain the following:
Printed matter (books, magazines, etc.), writing tools (paper, pencils, pens, stapler, post‐it notes,checkbook, records in files, postage stamps, postage scale, address labels, envelopes), clocks,telephones, telephone answering machine, computer, modem, printer, audio system, musicalinstruments, electric lights, appliances, cameras, audio recorders, DVD player, calculators, bathroomscale, microscope, binoculars, television, indoor plumbing, water heater, mirrors, glass windows, doors,locks, air heater, paint, makeup, shelves, CD’s, art (modern, classical, primitive), …
B. In a short writing of roughly 300 words, please respond to all of the following questions:
Now that you’ve been introduced to a variety of theories of technology, how do you now understand what it is that makes something a technology? Next, reconsider Cook’s paper, “Design and Responsibility”; what does Cook mean by natural systems, human systems, and artifactual systems? How might these distinctions help us to understand the nature of technological artifacts, such as the ones you wrote down in your list? Furthermore, what role do value infrastructures seem to play in the designing of technologies? Please be sure to define your terms and use examples from part A above.
Write a short essay that addresses the questions above. When you respond to these questions, you should be specific and cite specific details from the class readings and your own research. You may provide references from your own research, but only in addition to material provided by the course. Also, you MUST make sure to cite your sources in your response and include a reference list at the end of your essay. Citations must be from reputable sources. Sites like Wikipedia,, etc. are NOT considered acceptable sources. 
Higher credit will be given for responses that show evidence of a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the topics involved.
Standard font, preferably Arial in either 11pt or 12pt. Be sure to structure your paper in proper paragraph form. Do not write one, long run-on paragraph.
MLA, APA, or any other format is acceptable provided that it is consistent through the entire paper. Please, no cover sheets.