Texas Government

Question 1:
Define the term politics and give an example of the way an individual Texas politician uses their influence to affect government processes.
Question 2:
Develop a theory about how the population growth in Texas will affect the politics of voting processes in Texas and the use of natural resources.
Question 3:
Compare and contrast the effect of regional distinctions on liberal and conservative ideologies in Texas.  Give an example of each.
Question 4:
Explain why States were concerned that the Constitution should clearly say that powers not delegated to the Federal Government are reserved to the States themselves, and how has this relationship affected modern Texas politics.
Question 5:
You work for a conservative Think Tank in Texas that is concerned with overreach by the Federal Government into the economic affairs of the State of Texas.  Outline three areas of Texas economic policy that you believe are not subject to Federal oversight and why those areas are important to Texas.
Question 6:
Explain the system of checks and balances established in the Texas Constitution and postulate a theory on whether that system is an effective deterrent to overreach by any one of the branches of Texas government.
Question 7:
It is said that most Texans share similar political views; however, how they interpret those values in practice often differs radically.  Describe some of the conflicts that arise in politics when broadly defined values are implemented in government policies.  What are some of the controversies that have arisen over the meaning of equality?  Over the meaning of liberty?
Question 8:
State Legislator Mr.  X proposes a new law in an effort to limit abortions in Texas.  Mr.  Xs law, called the Responsibility Bill, would require that women seeking an abortion waive there right to medical privacy under Federal Law.  The Responsibility Bill would further authorized the publication of the names all abortion applicants in the local newspaper nearest the clinic where the abortion is to be performed.  You have been asked by Mr.  X to analyze the Responsibility Bill for constitutionality.  Use specific citations to the U.S. Constitution and Texas Constitution where applicable.
Question 9:
What is meant by Justice John Marshalls assertion that, It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is?  How has this altered the relationship between Texas and the Federal Government?
Question 10:
Would Texas citizens approve a constitutional amendment approving the licensing, monitoring, sale and distribution of medical marijuana if citizens were allowed to place constitutional amendments on the ballot by initiative?  Justify your answer by citing specific reasons why or why not.