The Campus Problems come from Partying

I need peer review that world file only for my English cours. I upload the file 

1.  What is your overall reaction to this proposal?  Does it make you want to go out and do something about the problem?
2.  Are you convinced that the problem is of concern to you?  If not, why not?
3.  Are you persuaded that the writer’s solution is workable?  Why, or why not?
4.  Has the writer paid enough attention to readers and their concerns?
5.  Restate what you understand to be the proposal’s major points:
Explanation of problem and why it matters
Proposed solution
Explanation of proposal and its practicality
Reasons and procedure to implement proposal
Proposal’s advantages, disadvantages, and responses to other solutions
Final recommendation
6.  If this paper were yours, what is the one thing you would  be sure to work on before handing it in?