The Cantebury Tales

For the present assignment, you should explain the significance of some feature of one or more of the texts from the first half of the semester. You may focus on a speech, an image, a motif, character, development of plot, or any other element that you find interesting in one or more of the works. You may discuss a single topic in light of the themes of the work of which it is a part; alternatively, you may compare an element in one work with a similar (or different) element in another work on the syllabus.
            At the end of your introduction, you should provide a clear and interesting thesis, which you should support in several main paragraphs in the body of your paper. You should begin each main paragraph with a clear topic sentence that supports the thesis, and you should support your topic sentences with specific examples and explanation. You should end your paper with a conclusion that does more than merely summarize what you have already written. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and explain the work(s) of literature, not summarize them.
It is best not to go on-line for help with this paper: one purpose of the assignment is to give students practice in arriving at their own interpretations of literature. Anyone who nevertheless insists on using others words and ideas must carefully document such borrowing. Failure to document will result in failure of the paper. Successful papers will offer insights that go beyond class discussion, and they will be free of major errors in grammar and usage. I may refer any student to the English Proficiency Program whose paper shows insufficient mastery of basic written English.