The case for this assignment is Solo: Helping a Million People See Again, pages 305-306 in the Daft text.

2) How does SOLO Eyewear fit into the green movement? Triple bottom line? Conscious capitalism? Bottom of the pyramid?

For this case study, feel free to do additional research into the company if you like, but be sure to cite your sources appropriately if you do.

Your submission will be evaluated for the following properties:

Convincing case solution with examples and evidence, (including personal applications and examples from the class).
Wide ranging integration of course concepts and readings to provide insights into the context or conditions that explain the specific case issues. 
New insights or ways of understanding issues that you see in our readings and group and class discussion that can be applied to this case. This could include new personal insights into how the material applies to you or your critical evaluation of it. Use discussion on specific topic areas to lend understanding to this case and create new meaning.
Final document that exhibits professional formatting and writing.