The Clinical Problem

This assignment requires the student to identify, retrieve, summarize, and synthesize relevant literature focused on a specific clinical question (PICO) or project purpose agreed upon with Faculty and the immersion mentor. The assignment must use AMA format and should include a DNP Project Title, PICO question or Purpose, Problem Statement, and References. This document will be used to support the beginning of the DNP Project development. 

The paper will reflect the following PICO:

(P) In anesthesia providers (I) does an educational module on the coping mechanisms for provider burnout and fatigue during the COVID-19 pandemic (C) compared to no coping mechanism (O) improve knowledge, attitude and reduce anesthesia provider burnout and fatigue?

Paper will ininclude the following sections:
1. Problem identification: What is wrong with the current situation?
2. Background: What is the nature of the problem, the context of the situation that readers need to understand?
3. Scope of the problem: How big a problem is it; how many people are affected?
4. Consequences of the problem: What is the cost of not fixing the problem?
5. Knowledge gaps: What information about the problem is lacking?
6. Proposal solution: What is the basis for believing that the proposed study would contribute to the solution of the problem?

I have included keyword searches for articles, see below.  No literature reviews articles or editorials allowed as references.    I have uploaded an example paper as reference.

Keyword searches:  
1.  Anesthesia Burnout and COVID
2.  Anesthesia Fatigue and COVID