The Cold War

 * Only use one primary source –
Primary Source: The Truman Doctrine (1947) | United States History II (
* Chicago style citations

The purpose of the document analysis is to further critical thinking and understanding of a primary source related to American history. A primary source is a source that was written or recorded at the time of an event or by a person who experienced an event. It can be a letter, a newspaper article, a diary entry, or an interview. I have provided links to primary sources in each of the weekly modules under that week’s readings.
Select any primary source that relates to American history since 1876. You can choose from the primary sources provided throughout the course or a source that relates to a personal interest.

Questions to consider as you put together your analysis:

Historical Background: What were the historical circumstances in which the document was written?
Context: Who wrote the document and for what purpose? Who was the intended audience?
Usefulness: What can be learned from the document? Does the author reveal anything about societal attitudes?
Overall Assessment: Is it biased or even-handed? What larger insights about American history can be garnered from the source?

Paper should be at least 500 words in a 12-pt font, double-spaced, and with Chicago-style citations with footnotes and a bibliography. You can only submit a Word file (.doc or .docx extensions).