The Competitive Nature of Websites


Evaluation Assignment for Chapter 3
1. Prepare a word processing document (750-1,000 words) and fully discuss the following giving examples where appropriate.  Properly cite ALL references (Internet urls included) used.   
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3. Fully discuss your answers giving examples where appropriate. 
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The Competitive Nature of Websites
Select and compare websites of two retailers that are in the same business (as an example vs., or vs.  Use a list of “do’s and don’ts” from a Google search to compare the two sites, along with other criteria you might like to add.  Review the range of information resources and services used in the sites and the ways in which they are organized, de­signed, and presented.
Some basic question you should attempt to an­swer is how well the sites support the conduct of e business.  After analyzing the sites, compare the strengths and weak­nesses of the two sites.  You should be able to draw a conclusion as to which one you think does the best job of attracting customers to the website and retaining them once they get there.  Also, comment on how well you think each site:

Offers a fast and convenient shopping experience
Provides access to help or additional information
Selects desirable products and displays them and describes them in an attractive and easy-to­ understand manner
Describes its method for getting purchases to customers promptly
Uses online ads, affiliate programs, viral marketing, and email marketing