the Iliad by homer

Homer. The Iliad. Translated by Barry B. Powell, Oxford University Press, 2013.  thats the editionwe used. below i attached some files on what he wants it has to sound like i wrote it so it doesnt have to be perfect the promt i chose is “1. Explain what hatred is in the Iliad, focusing on either one character who feels hate or one thing or person who receives it. In doing so, be certain to define what type of hatred you are describing, what causes it, how characters experience it, and whether Homer considers it praiseworthy or blameworthy.” here is some extra infoChoose one of the prompts listed below for your essay. These prompts are deliberately broad. You are NOT expected to answer every single part in your paper; rather, you should develop a thesis within these topics and argue for it with evidence taken from the text.

The essay must be written in a 12-point font and be double-spaced with one-inch margins. The paper must be 1325-1550 words in length. While there is no research requirement, references to the text and any secondary sources need to be followed by citations in MLA format.