The Impact of Contingent Workers in a COVID-19 climate

PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. This is a graduate capstone paper proposal. If the proposal is well executed, I will hire the same writer to complete the 4-5 page outline due 10/14/21, and the 25 page capstone paper due 10/28/21.

Your topic proposal should include the following information: 
Proposed title for your paper.  Your title should be a short phrase, usually with a few words that describe the topic in broad terms, followed by a colon, and then specific words about your topic.  For example, Breaking Barriers in Corporate America:  An Exploration of Female Fortune 500 Chief Executives.  In this example, the text to the left of the colon begins to engage the reader by describing the topic more broadly; the text to the right of the colon gets into more detail to help the reader know the exact focus of the paper. Note that this is a draft; you can edit your title throughout the process.
Write a couple of pages that introduce the topic you wish to research.  It should frame the paper and provide a brief overview of the topic, avoiding too much detail.  You will likely have a reference to one outside source in your introduction.  If you share anything about yourself in this section, dont use the word I (no first person).  Instead, say the researcher or the author.
Research questions.  After writing your two pages, start a new page with a statement to the effect of In this paper, the author will explore the following research questions: And then list 4-5 questions you want to explore.  They should be open-ended questions (not yes or no answer questions) that focus on the who, what, when, where, why, or how of the topic you want to learn more about.  Each research question will serve as a subheading in the literature review section your paper, thus giving you about 4-5 five-page sections that will be logically connected.  Do some initial research on the web or visit the online library or a local library/bookstore to help craft your topic proposal.  You can see what information is already published, and then help formulate your research questions.  Understand that your research questions are a work-in-progress.  You can change or tweak questions as you gather new research or information along the way.