This semester, students will be required to write a 7 page APA

This semester, students will be required to write a 7 page APA paper (5 pages of content, 1 title page and 1 reference page). The paper will ask you to correlate themes and/or topics covered in your text reading with one specific aviation accident described in Chapter 1 of the textbook. Thus, completing this paper will require you to study one accident in depth. Below are your goals for your paper:
Give a brief description of the accident, to include the probable cause(s) as identified by the NTSB accident report and any post-accident information provided by the FAA. Several high profile accidents are provided in Chapter 1 of the text book.
Identify at least two themes or topics throughout the optional text that are somehow related to an accident of your choice. The associated accident must be related to an air carrier (Part 121, 125, or 135). Explain how those topics/themes were associated with the accident, citing both the author of the optional text as well as the source of accident information (such as FAA or NTSB).
As a conclusion to the paper, describe what you learned from your optional text, as well as potential actions related to the two themes/topics that were associated with your accident.
Term Paper Rubric:
1 point
2 points
3 points
4 points
5 points
Goal 1
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Goal 3
APA Format
25 points