Tony Whitt ENG 102-01 Paper #1: Argumentative Analysis In his novel Nineteen

Tony Whitt
ENG 102-01
Paper #1: Argumentative Analysis
In his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell presents a world in which a totalitarian ruling class called the Party controls every aspect of the lives of the citizens in Oceania.  Some have claimed that Orwell, writing in 1948, was trying to predict what our world would be like and failed in his predictions.  Others believe that while Orwell may not have gotten all the details right, a lot of what he predicts in his novel has come true and that we can see examples of Orwellian politics (Thought Police, doublethink, the government as Big Brother, sexcrime) occurring in our everyday lives.
For your first paper, you should come up with an argument based on your reading of the novel that answers the question: has any part of the novel come true, and how?  If your opinion is that it has not come true, how has it not come true? State your opinion on this issue and give reasons and evidence from your experience or from the real world to back up your claim. Make sure the essay has a definite intro, body, and conclusion. You also need to back up your claims with two outside sources, which you will find using the Roosevelt Library databases.
Your paper should be at least 1000 words in length.
Your topic for this paper is due in DB #4 by 11:59pm on Friday, February 18.
Peer evaluation drafts will be due in your assigned Group’s Discussion Board no later than 11:59pm on Friday, February 25.
Peer evaluations should be completed for all of your peers by no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, February 27.
The final paper is due by 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 1.
Good luck!