Topic is COVID restrictions in Ontario and about remove Vaccine Passport. Important

Topic is COVID restrictions in Ontario and about remove Vaccine Passport.
Important to know:
Avoid absolute certainty and strong language
Repetition: Avoid writing the same word more than once in a sentence
Use professional language: Avoid slang and contractions, e.g.:
• “Tourism is beneficial” NOT “Tourism is awesome”
• “Have not” NOT “haven’t”
Write concisely: Can you reduce the number of words, but maintain professional style and meaning? Then do it!
Simpler words are often better: e.g.
• “Use” NOT “Utilize”
Length of Sentences: Maximum 2 lines (ish)
First Person: In this class you may use “I” to state your opinion.
Any claim of fact needs an in-text citation
•Hawaii is a destination known for surf and beaches.
•COVID-19 had a devastating impact on global tourism.
•McDonalds is the largest restaurant chain in North America.
•Tourism employs many people in Canada
Write a paper based on secondary research of reputable academic, industry, government, and media sources that identifies, explains, critiques, and makes recommendations for the policy issue you have chosen. You must describe and critique the current policy situation and highlight the issues, the context, and stakeholders. You should offer one or more recommendations for the government to adapt policy to improve the situation and address the issues you describe. You should use the terms and theories covered in class and readings when critiquing and recommending policy. double spaced, and include a title page, table of contents, APA reference list. 
Here is some in class reading you need to use in the paper. And I will give you another reading by PDF.
Dyck, R. (2010). Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches (6th Ed.). Nelson College Indigenous. Ch. 20 The Policymaking Process and Policy Instruments pp. 525-544.
Edgell, D. L. & Swanson, J. (2013). Tourism Policy and Planning: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.  New York, NY: Routledge.  (Ch. 8 Affecting and influencing tourism policy, pp. 191-214.)
Executive Summary
This should be one page maximum and should be a quick and simple summary of the entire report.
Include brief and concise summaries of the major sections of your paper, but give most space for your recommendation(s).
There is no need for references in the executive summary
You can use bullet points where appropriate
What is the overall topic?
What are some big global figures or definitions?
Why is it important?
E.g. Minimum wage is a widely discussed policy issue that affects X million people, and 30% of business globally (Alves, 2014) etc…
What is the place or situation you are focusing on?
Where is it? How big is it? What is the context?
E.g. Toronto is the largest city in Canada, with 5 million people, and 10% employed in the hospitality sector (Jones, 2016) etc…
Why is this topic important for your example? What is the problem?
E.g. In the last six months the issue of minimum wage has been discussed more substantially by the City of Toronto (The Star, 2019), with many seeking to raise the minimum wage. This will have major impacts on hospitality businesses in the city etc…
State the purpose and objectives of this paper
E.g. This paper therefore aims to provide a critical review of the issues from various points of view, identifying the different stakeholders, how this is impacting them, and will conclude with policy recommendations to improve the situation by drawing on research and best practices from other cities etc…
Background Research/Lit Review, structured by topic, from broad to narrow (e.g. global to local, major topic to sub-topic), that integrates academic, industry and media resources. The topics you will cover might include (but are not limited to):
The issue in general, some broad context and definitions
Relevant description of the example chosen (e.g. destination)
How this issue is experienced in the example/destination you’ve chosen
Identification of stakeholders and their needs
Identification of the government bodies responsible for policy
Identify, explain, and critique existing policy
Tools and implementation, what is good and bad etc.
Best/worst practices from other places
Policy recommendations
Identify the specific government agency that is responsible for the policy recommendation you are suggesting.
Is the agency allowed/capable of doing this?
Make sure your recommendations fall within the scope of the agency you’re suggesting should do this.
Make actual recommendations on what specific government agencies (that you should have introduced above) should do to improve the situation, e.g.
Reduce/increase taxes?
On what? For who?
Public awareness campaigns?
Aimed at who? Promoting what? Paid for by who?
Remove/introduce legislation?
Feasibility of recommendations
How can they be funded and implemented?
E.g. if you propose additional spending, how could this be funded?
Forecast and discuss the possible negative implications.
Which stakeholders may feel negatively impacted by your recommendations?
What ideas you have to reduce these potential concerns?
Briefly summarise the main points of the paper.
Finish with a final point of view.
Make links to the future and other areas or questions that could be of related interest for further consideration.
A list of ‘References’ of different sources used at the end, listed alphabetically by authors’ last name, using APA format
All in-text citations must be listed, and all references shown in the list must have been used in the text