Tracking a Route

Tracing a Route 
In this assignment, you will use a command line interface to execute a network command that can help to diagnose system or network problems. You will then discuss the basics of internal and external network IP addressing. Instructions: Think of a website you visit frequently. Go to your computer’s command line interface and use the route tracing command for your platform to trace the route from your computer to that website. 
€¢ For Mac users, use the Terminal utility. For Windows users, use cmd, or Command Prompt. 
€¢ Take a screenshot of your route results. 
€¢ Investigate the IP address for the first three hops in your route. Who owns them? 
€¢ Discuss these first three hops, and why they are the first three for your computer/network. Requirements: €¢ Submit a Word document in APA format.
 €¢ Two – three pages in length. Be sure to read the criteria below by which your work will be evaluated before you write and again after you write.