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Joyful Bakers experienced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic because it lacked the infrastructure and the technology to move to remote working. Currently, we have acquired the technology needed and the infrastructure for the purpose of changing the bakery business to remote working and also facilitate online sales and delivery. The change is much needed in the organization for the purpose of reducing the expenditure that is associated with renting office spaces and also increasing sales by leveraging the online platforms. There is a gap of the skills needed by the organization to make the change success and that is the problem that limited technological skills. The gap is critical aspect that demands for a well-structured training plan. All the employees are supposed to undergo the training exercise for them to deliver value. The training would make it easier during the implementation because the employees will be having the skills needed to deliver. The training would involve targeting the remote project management where employees will be trained about the ways in which they would manage projects from their remote workplaces. The approach ensure that assigned work to each employee is accomplished. The remote project management tools that would be of focus include the Trello, Asana and Monday among others. I addition, focus will be also directed towards the virtual collaboration which is an important aspect for the organization where the employees will be sharing ideas and concepts with each other using the platforms like the Skype, zoom and email among others (WR, 2022). Learning about the virtual collaboration explains about the need of understanding how teamwork and collaboration would work when the employees that are used into face-to-face collaboration sessions. In this scenario, the training is important to make sure that the team spirit is maintained in the organization.
Moreover, virtual communication is another virtual training purpose that is targeted because without communication, the organization would not prosper. There is the need for communication between employees and the management, employees between each other and the organization and the employees including other outside stakeholders. Virtual communication training is needed to make sure that the employees understands what is expected from them by the executive management and also the employees for them to deliver. Finally, there is the video conferencing technique that is needed to be shared among the employees especially in setting up a teleconferencing session (WR, 2022). Employees need to find the implementation of the new technology easier and the setup for a video conferencing should be well understood from the lighting and sound for it to be a success during meetings. The training plan that would guide the employees training include the following elements:
To make sure that employees can define remote working within a week of training.
To identify the challenges of remote working and solutions to them within 30 days of training.
To discuss the role that remote working brings to the organization within a month of implementation.
To investigate about ways of achieving remote working in terms of virtual communication and video conferencing within 30 days of training.
To test the employees understanding of the topic after 30 days of training through evaluation.
To design an implementation strategy for the remote working for Joyful Bakers in a week period.
The training would be conducted where the basics including how to setup a teleconference or video conferencing session is done and other important basic remote working issues for the program to start. The other part of the training is done as in-training where employees gets the training as they continue with work and implementation. The training is conducted by a virtual and remote working expert and coach that ensure that employees are briefed with any kind of training information for them to be prepared during training sessions.
The main curriculum for training in the organization is mainly on matter of virtual and remote working where components that include virtual communication, video conferencing setup, remote project management and virtual collaboration. The curriculum training also include ways of updating the computers and systems that makes it easier for them to operate in the workplace. The curriculum can also be adjusted based on the employees’ preferences to make sure that other sectors be broken down for a better understanding.
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