TOPIC: Sir David Attenborough
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my classmates to admire David Attenborough.
ATTENTION-GETTING DEVICE: I’m sure you’ve all heard of Mr. David Attenborough or know his extremely distinctive voice. Although David is not well-known for his biological findings, he is well-known for the several documentaries he has produced which include a ton of information about various topics like dinosaur fossil findings, marine creatures and plants, and a variety of the numerous species of wildlife that dwell on our lovely planet.
RELEVANCY STATEMENT: More importantly he is an advocate of people and the environment. Over the years, he has repeatedly warned us that we are in our “final chance” to modify our behaviors and avert cataclysmic climate change harm to our world. He has continuously encouraged people to “avoid all forms of waste,” especially energy, food, and plastics.
CREDIBILITY STATEMENT: I am following David Attenborough and watching his documentaries for few years from now and did my research on his interviews as well to prepare for this speech.
CENTRAL IDEA: He has continuously encouraged people to “avoid all forms of waste,” especially energy, food, and plastics. He has also emphasized that failure to limit emissions would force the globe through a “one-way doorway,” with permanent repercussions for life on Earth as a byproduct of Northern ice melting and other effects of increasing temperatures. This is exactly why Attenborough is and should be admired for his works on how and why our planet should be saved.
David Attenborough and his long successful career
To begin, Attenborough has had a long successful career and has dominated the wildlife documentary world. He has written and narrated a string of award-winning anthropology and natural history television shows, most remarkably the Life series: Life on Earth (1979), The Life of Birds (1998), The Undergrowth (2005), and Life in Cold Blood (2006) and many others. His other notable features include The Blue Planet (2001), an investigation of the world’s seas, as well as State of the Planet (2000) and Are We Changing Planet Earth? (2006), which dealt extensively with ecological issues like global warming.  His captivating narrations have led to him receiving Emmy Awards. And his documentary Climate Change- The Facts has been popularized for its, warning on “the breakdown of our society.” Attenborough authored various books, which resulted in him   receiving several more honors, including six BAFTAs and a Peabody Award.
Connective: This achievement shows that he has dominated his life to work in wildlife
His work towards climate change and its effects to wildlife
In an effort to get through to the public regarding the environmental implications of our actions David Attenborough conducted an interview with BBC in which he talked about climate change and owe each day we do not do anything to tackle the issue is a day wasted. His demand for an immediate reaction follows the most recent scientific judgment that, in order to avert the worst effects of increasing temperatures, world carbon emissions must be cut by 2030, the interview addresses many concerning topics including how rich nations can and should be undertaking the sharpest reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and assisting those in most need.
Connective: This is the dedication he showed that each day is important to tackle this issue
Getting injured while filming and tough conditions
Furthermore, what makes Attenborough more remarkable is that during his eight-decade vocation, he has dealt with a number of terrible and deadly occurrences, including being wounded by an agonizingly spiky cactus, being rendered unconscious and bleeding by a freakish wave, and even had to endure evading a boat capsizing nightmare. He has repeatedly put himself in danger zones in order to capture the intricate ecosystems that surround us. Despite these numerous incidents David was able to laugh through them and still retain his passion and devotion for his career and the environment.
Connective: In conclusion,
RESTATE RELEVANCY STATEMENT: To sum up, David Attenborough commitment and love for the state and preservation of the earth for eight decades and still contributing makes him an admirable man.
RESTATE CENTRAL IDEA: He has dedicated years of his life to informing and warning the public on the implications our actions have on the planet.
CALL FOR ACTION: It is important that his warnings don’t go unheard, as he would say “every day that goes by in which we don’t do something about it is a day wasted. And things are being made worse”.
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