Unit 2 Week 4 Discussion Board

Hello class,
Welcome to our week 4 discussion board, this week you’ll be reading and discussing migration and the forces that motivate  humans to move from place to place. After reading Chapter 3 reply to the following discussion board question with your original post and when complete, reply to 2 other students’ postings. Use terminology from the text and support your factors with examples and detail.
1. Describe U.S immigration specifically during the 1880s, who was entering and why were they leaving there home country to arrive in the U.S?
2. Consider what it would take for you to move; Describe 2 pull and 2 push factors (give an example) that would force you leave your current residence or draw you to a place (City, State or Country).
3. a). Describe U.S migration trends mentioned in the text. b). Go online and find a source for U.S immigration statistics (census.gov) and find the current statistics on immigration and emigration. Describe: Gender, Age, Natural increase, #work visas, #unauthorized migrants
4. Go to the “Debate it” section on page 109. Describe which aspects from either side you agree with and how using those methods would benefit the country. Defend your argument with additional sources.
5. Describe how the U.S Quota Act changed migration during the 1920s. When did immigration go from unrestricted to restricted?
Post your original discussion post and reply to two other students with critical/supportive feedback(The total word count includes two replies)