Unit 6 Discussions

*Unit 6 DB: Diversity and Inclusion (MGT105 Principles of Management)
In this discussion, we will respectfully tackle a sensitive topic. As a manager, or employee you may have to handle or even experience bias, discrimination and stereotyping. 
Please watch the following two videos and then post your response to the questions below.
Watch Video
Cultural difference in business | Valerie Hoeks | TEDxHaarlem
Duration: 12:18

User: n/a – Added: 7/22/14
YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMwjscSCcf0
Watch Video
Why I, as a black man, attend KKK rallies. | Daryl Davis | TEDxNaperville
Duration: 18:53

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YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORp3q1Oaezw
Why is workplace diversity important and what are two specific challenges managers may face in managing diversity and inclusion? 

*Unit 6 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)
Why is the identification of favorable and unfavorable variances so important to a company? How can the identification of the variances help management control costs? Please explain.
As you are considering the flexible budgeting topic of the week, it is important for you to look at this analysis as a significant contribution to the management of the company.  Knowing what the bottom-line profit or loss is important.  But what is more important is to understand how your actual results varied in terms of units sold versus how the actual cost of each unit differed from the budget.
Please do watch the video available in this week’s resources – you can turn the sound off and read the script on the right side if you need to.  The lecturer has an excellent example that will help you.
Do you have an example that you can share?  Sometimes that’s the best way to answer the question.

*Unit 6 DB: Enhancing Meeting Productivity and Etiquette (BUS311 Managerial Communication)
As the Vice President of Operations at Post Corporation, you have a weekly virtual meeting with your staff of 20 employees using WebEx.  Recently, you noticed that some employees lack the expected etiquette within group meetings and often interrupt, argue amongst one another, and shoot down each other’s ideas.  You are debating whether you should go with the flow of the way meetings currently operate or try to modify the behaviors of the team.

Discuss the pros and cons of both approaches and decide which you think would be the best way to run the meetings in the future.  Conduct some research on meeting etiquette and cite at      least one article related to the topic in your post.  Make up any details you need in your scenario.