Video: Technology: A boon or bane for students? 1 Which side

Video: Technology: A boon or bane for students?

1 Which side of the debate are you on – is technology a Boon or Bane in education?
A= Technology is a Boon.
2 Does the use of technology cause you stress?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Provide some examples. Technology does not cause me stress.
technology helps me to relieve stress with entertainment which is available on many platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, Netflix, and Yahoo. Apart from entertainment availability, it is also cheap. Besides, it is convenient because helps me to communicate with my family and friends who are far away via email, Facebook, Instagram and whats app.
3 When it comes to your specific learning in a college setting, does technology help or hinder your learning?  How and/or why?
Technology helps me to save time because I can access information anywhere and at any time. I can use my phone during my lunchtime and do my assignments and read articles to enhance my knowledge.
4 Have you ever imposed some kind limit on your use of Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)?  Why or why not?
technology has become not only common but also addictive for this reason I Imposed some limits because it is irresistible to spend my entire day accessing social media. I like to interact with it but I need to manage my time with productive things as well.
5 Is there anything you find annoying about personal technology and/or social media?  How and/or why?