Vulnerability Analysis

Using the paper attached on vulnerability analysis focus on one of the theory/theoretical framework reads that can be applied  to the vulnerability analysis concept and research  in emergency management and research.
  Please respond to the following prompts:
1.  Develop a research question or hypothesis related to vulnerability analysis.2.  After reading the provided materials and reviewing the lecture, search for and choose a theory and provide a detailed explanation/definition of the theory you have chosen.  (This theory should work for/attempt to explain your chosen topic and what you hope to learn about it, it may or may not be a theory related to emergency management or that has been used in emergency management previously.)  3.  How does the theory you chose and discussed explain what is going on with vulnerability analysis and what you want to know about it?  (Example:  You want to know how public perception of risk communications and evacuation messages influence a certain population in their decision making to evacuate prior to a hurricane; does the Theory of Reasoned Action explain the populations behavior and whether or not they choose to evacuate?)4.  Where has your chosen theory been used previously, in prior research or other places?  Has it been used in emergency management?As you work through this discussion, think about how you would develop a new theory related to your research concept.  (This may come up later in the course.)

Lewin’s Change Theory