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You may have been familiar with Japanese ukiyo-e paintings and prints of the Edo period (1615-1868) from one of this week’s chapters. Let’s use this assignment to explore these works a bit more.
This is a two part post so please read the directions carefully. Both parts are due by Sunday night with late work accepted for one week after the due date. 

Choose and embed two examples of ukiyo-e prints to talk about. One will be traditional (not contemporary) and from one of the collections listed below AND one will be a contemporary twist (try searching for ukiyo-e and pop culture/pop art/21st century or ‘ukiyo-e inspired’). These won’t be the same work and your contemporary example can be any in the style of ukiyo-e. I’ve included an example below.

Google Arts & Culture
Metropolitan Museum of Art 
Library of Congress

No need to comment this week but feel free to if you’d like!
No need to write any text about the two works here, you’ll do that in part 2, but remember to:

Embed your images.
Include its info below the image. This info includes: name of the artist (if known), title, date, and medium.
You’ll need to post first to see other’s posts in your group.


Complete the reflection based on the prompt found here also by Sunday night.

You’ll upload your document.

Here’s a contemporary example:
Andrew Archer, Fan of the Game, 2018, digital print

Seibu Railways Manner Posters, Please do not use smartphones while walking, 2017 digital print