War on drugs

These questions are to be answered
This week we have learned that to curtail use of drugs and alcohol, tactics like shame/stigma have been used. Please discuss the role shame/stigma (addicts lack morale fortitude, addicts are violent/lazy etc.) has played in the creation of policies like Prohibition and the War on Drugs
Knowing that these policies have done little to reduce drug use/sales in the US, why does there seem to be so much opposition to the decriminalization/legalization of drugs (think Norway and Portugal)?
As a country should we be more interested in Treatment/Education; Eradication; Criminalization or Decriminalization when it comes to drugs?
In order to answer you need to watch the videos links are below and refer to the bookhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=V263dVJZlqs&feature=emb_title