week 3 discussion prompt capstone

Dear class,
This week, as part of your Discussion Board posts, you are going to submit the DRAFT version of your first paper. The reason for this assignment is to show your classmates (and me) what information are you going to put in your paper, maybe get some ideas from your classmates, be sure that you are on the right track, incorporate those suggestions and comments into your paper, which should be submitted by midnight of Sunday. 
Find information from your articles that you have in hand related to the scientific aspect of the topic (scientific perspective of inquiry section), also some statistical and/or economic data to describe the distribution and significance of the topic.
 To start your research, ask research questions (what exactly you would like to know about the topic?)  Use examples of level 1 questions in the BB (see the Instructions and Information on this weeks assignment), or make up your own, trying to learn about maybe genetic aspects, pathophysiology or current breakthrough discoveries on diagnosis, prevention, or such.  Then ask a level 2 question where you will explain, relate, or compare those issues that are related to directly to your topic. Come up with two levels of questions for each of the perspectives of inquiry – scientific and mathematical/analytical.  
Dear class,
This week, you will compose level 1 and level 2 questions for your research paper. As you go over the learning materials in Content and Activity to learn about different levels of inquiry questions, you can use some of the exapmles for level 1 questions from there. As you can see, they are more general questions and could relate to any topic. You should prepare your level 2 question to be specific to your topic. 
Just remember that level 1 questions are simpler compared to level 2 questions, which require a deeper understanding of the issue.
In level 1 questions:
We say:                                                We do:
What is.?                                        Name
When did…?                                   Identify
Which one.?                                   Define
How many .?                                  List
Who was.?                                     Select
In level 2 questions:
We say:                                            We do:
What happened.?                       Explain
How do they compare?              Compare
How are they related.?               Reason