week 3 nursing theory

Section II: Conceptual Influences on the Evolution of Nursing Theory Chapter 5: Early Conceptualizations About Nursing Chapter 6: Nurse- Patient Relationship Theories Discussion 2 Due: Saturday @ 2359

This week’s discussion question is also a two-part inquiry. 
What were the early conceptualizations of nursing theory? What are nurse-patient theories? 

NGR 5101 Nursing Theory Grading Rubric Discussions and Reading Reflections.docx

Please remember the grading criteria for our class discussion posts. Initial responses are due by Wednesday and follow up responses are due by Sunday.

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Nursing theories: A framework for professional practice. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. 

Okeya, O. E. (2021). A critical analysis of transcultural nursing. IJSDR, 6(1), 31-4.

Hello Class, 
I’ve added a few short videos to help our visual learners that are only to be viewed as a summary of your assigned course readings. 
Ernestine Wiedenbach
Virginia Henderson Nursing Theorist
Lydia Hall Nursing Nursing Theory
Joyce Travelbee – Nursing Theory