Week 3 Project Starbucks Organizational Analysis Introduction Statement The organization I selected

Week 3 Project Starbucks Organizational Analysis
Introduction Statement
The organization I selected for this project is Starbucks. Starbucks is a major corporation throughout the United States. “Starbucks corporation is a premier roaster, marketer, and retailer of specialty coffee” (Starbucks Corporation SWOT Analysis, 2021, p. 4). Starbucks is a corporation that excels in its relationship building skills with both its staff and consumers. According to Starbucks.com (2021), the first Starbucks storefront was opened in 1971 is Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market and the name was inspired by the tale “Moby Dick”, which related to the tradition of early coffee traders. The stores are now a staple of many neighborhoods in many states and even other countries. The Mission of Starbucks according to Starbucks.com (2021), to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.
In this paper I will give an analysis of the structure of Starbucks corporation, identify, and analyze a specific problem the corporation faces, make a comparison to my current workplace, and create a scorecard to evaluate the problem the corporation faces.
Processes and Programs
“Without purpose, an organization cannot create an alignment. Not having a purpose will ultimately destroy the foundation of an organization” (Halley-Boyce, Lachell Robinson, & Bradley, 2013, p. 18). Every organization must have an ultimate purpose and make that purpose well known throughout the organization. Starbucks corporation seems to have marketed themselves as a social gathering place in addition to a worldwide well-known coffee retailer. The success of this process of marketing this corporation’s storefronts as a place to meet friends, family, or business partners is one of their biggest successes. With exceptional teamwork strategies they have developed high levels of employee satisfaction by making their employees
feel involved in all aspects of the organization and given them a positive work environment with many ways to grow and benefit in their personal lives from the organization. Starbucks has had success in growing their corporation, expanding their storefronts, increasing sales, reducing costs, employee retention and improving productivity.
Successful Attributes
Starbucks corporation has been financially successful for many years. The net revenues for the company have been stable over the past several years and company growth continues despite any issues in the economy and nation. One of the biggest parts of continuing to have financial success is to eliminate the items and services that are provided that are not as profitable as others or that are not profitable at all for the corporation. Reducing expenses in the business and continuing growth of sales nationwide are two items that should be among the top of goals for the corporation. Starbucks does have managers for each store in their corporation that are directly responsible for ensuring that their store is reducing expenses and therefore increasing sales to make the store more profitable to meet the obligations that are put in place for them.
Significant Issue
A major issue for Starbucks corporations is that it depends on America for a majority of its financial revenue. “Dependence on one region could affect the company’s operational and financial performance and increase its business risks by exposing it to the economic and geopolitical risks associated with the region, which could affect the demand for its products or disrupt the supply chain and reduce its market share and growth opportunities in the future” (Starbucks Corporation SWOT Analysis, 2021, p. 5). When you depend on one specific region or area for almost all your financial income or revenue when that one area experiences any issues that could be detrimental to your business. COVID 19 has been detrimental to all the world and
many businesses throughout but with the issues face in America it had a significant impact on the financial revenue of the Starbucks Corporation. “Total net revenues decreased 11% to $23.5 billion in fiscal 2020 compared to $26.5 billion in fiscal 2019. The decrease was primarily driven by adverse impacts of COVID-19, including lower revenues due to temporary store closures, reduced customer traffic and modified operations, as well as incremental labor expenses and restructuring costs” (MarketLine Company Profile: Starbucks Corporation, 2021, p. 70).
Depending on certain areas or regions can cause major problems like this when unexpected events happen that cause those areas to be significantly impacted. It also places your business at risk.
Comparison to Nursing/Healthcare
Any of the many leadership qualities that Starbucks has incorporated into their corporation could be utilized in healthcare organizations. Healthcare does differ in some ways from retail in the facts that it has numerous employees in many different departments with a broad and large number of responsibilities. Healthcare is an everchanging industry and is always evolving to new policies, procedures, and materials. Financially things are a little different for healthcare organizations in the sense that with retail industry members they are paid on the spot for the service/item that they are selling whereas with healthcare you are providing a service for your patients and using materials/medications/supplies that you are billing for in hopes of being adequately reimbursed and paid for all these things. Leadership qualities such as employee involvement, benefits, and teamwork are all qualities that should be utilized in healthcare to improve relationships and employee retention/satisfaction.
Overall Starbucks has been a tremendously successful corporation due to its many different business strategies in place over the last several years. It has continued to expand in size and has expanded into other countries across the world as well. This has helped the corporation to increase its market sharing globally and made it very marketable for other to want to join in and become a part of the franchise. The approach that Starbucks has used over time is one of people first and they have built their foundation upon making people feel welcome and using teamwork to establish a phenomenal relationship with their employees as well as the consumers they service. There are many other companies that have not managed to become a global business as Starbucks has done maybe not as well as they would like but this expansion in itself does speak to their successful leadership attributes.
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