WEEK 5 Health Promotion & Role Development in Adv. Nursing Practice-

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Creation of a health promotion initiative to improve healthindicators for your health problem. This activity is focusing on yourcreativity, analysis of facts, organization and leadership qualities. Beconcise but comprehensive in your ideas.
MAP-IT stands for:
M Mobilize
A Asses
P Plan
I Implement
T Track
Using MAP-IT framework determine how you may:
Mobilize resources and stakeholders to take care of theselected health problem in your community, determining mission and vision ofthe resulted coalition, defining partners, their roles and meeting plans.
Asses the problem, including a realistic long-term goal, howyou may collect data to determine your needs and priorities logically organized
Plan objectives and steps to achieve them. Consideropportunities for interventions with broad reach and impact. How may youmeasure your progress? What is expected to change, by how much, and by when?Choose objectives that are challenging yet realistic.
Implement. Create a detailed work plan that includesconcrete action steps assigned to specific people with clear deadlines and/ortimelines. Share responsibilities across coalition members but consider havinga single point of contact to manage the process to ensure that things get done.Check in with coalition members by using the Coalition Self-Assessment to seeif your process is running smoothly. Develop a simple communication plan. Usekick-off events, activities, or campus meetings to showcase your coalitionsaccomplishments.
Track. Plan regular evaluations to measure and track yourprogress over time. Evaluations can help your coalition determine if your planhas been effective in achieving your goals. Be mindful of limitations ofself-reported data, data quality, data validity, and reliability. Partneringwith a statistician or researcher at your institution can help you conduct aquality evaluation. You can use these basic formulas to calculate baseline,target, and achieved rates for your selected health outcomes.