week 9 discussion

Organizational health, ethics,  and culture are the topics of the week. For this week’s discussion, respond to the following:

What obligations do you feel companies have to employees and employees have to a company in terms of loyalty? Explain your answer.
Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates posts.

To receive full credit, remember to write 2 posts in the discussion: one original and one response to another student. Your original should be at least 7 sentences, and your reply should be at least 4 sentences.
reply to student DEBRA
Hello Class, I believe employers are obligated to make employees feel safe when they are at work. I think employers should be obligated to make sure employees have the proper tools to be successful at their jobs. Such as training and other supplies needed to complete tasks efficiently.  I also believe they are obligated to promote based on experience and merit and to provide a livable wage to employees. Furthermore, I think employees are obligated to keep trade secrets learned during employment. Employees should also be present and ready to work when they arrive at work. Employees should also respect customers as they want to be respected by management.